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Most backdrops are supplied fitted with grommets (eyelets) around the perimeter by which they can be attached to a frame, pipe, sailboats, or movable track.
Optimal placement is usually 4-5 metres (13 -16feet) outside of the wall, window, or door of the set.  Front lighting is best provided from above at a high angle to prevent the possibility of creating a direct bounce path reflecting a hot spot into the camera.  Backlighting is usually in the form of skypans placed directly behind the image at a distance of approximately 2.5 metres ( 8 ft).  Digital backings tend to be more forgiving in the backlit condition than photo backings (Translights), being more diffusive and thus less prone to hotspots.

With lighting the front of the panel it is vitally important that you instruct your backdrop manufacturer to apply a matte coating to the panel, this helps to minimize any chance of lighting flares.



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