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The concept is simple - Suspend an image behind a Set to convince the audience that what they are seeing is not taking place on a massive soundstage. Be it hand-painted canvas, or reinforced PVC produced by a huge computer-driven printer, the purpose is the

We create the illusion that we are somewhere else - another time, another place, another

The History of translights

Scenic Backdrops have been used in theatrical applications for hundreds of years, if William Shakespeare were to visit a present day motion picture studio he would be bewildered by most of the technologies now in use, however, he would understand.

For many years, this was the job of skilled scenic artists, and indeed they are still employed in large numbers in the industry.  But the backdrop world is increasingly one of photography and computer image manipulation. One hundred years ago, all backdrops were hand painted.

Fifty years ago, large-scale photographic techniques gained acceptance. The early Scenic backdrops for film and TV were called Translights, this is a trade name. Many designers these days still refer to modern day scenic backdrop by this name and even Cyc’s. Today most backdrops are created from film, digital photography or computer generated artwork all of which can be manipulated on the computer and printed. And tomorrow? We’re still working on that, but rest assured, when it arrives, it’s going to be amazing!



“ Jumbocolor has provided me and my productions with excellent service, advice, and quality. Always deliverd on time. He is my first port of call and the company to whom I recommend the Design department go. Jumbocolor have made a good few cloths from my own photographs. Daf Hobson BSC” March 2, 2011
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