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Backdrops & Day Night Printed Scenery Technical Information


Requirements to Produce Full Colour printed Scenic Backdrops

The most important aspect of producing scenic backdrop panels (Translights) is firstly "TIME"
We prefer at least 7 working days from receipt of artwork to delivery of the finished panel, but express delivery may be possible subject to our workload. Extra time should be allowed if the order is to be delivered aboard.

We are very aware of the very tight deadlines that some of our clients work to, by not allowing enough time for production , the timing of delivery could be put in jeopardy, for instance, there could be a machine breakdown if delivery is held up because of a problem that the transport Company may have. We and our transport contractor will not accept responsibility should this situation arise.
The second most important part of panel production is the artwork (original that is to be used for scanning from) . It is important to remember that the better the quality the original , the best clarity is achieved when printed.

We prefer  high-resolution digital images or can scan from 5" X 4" positive colour transparencies, or 2 1/4" X 2 1/4" are the minimum . 35mm transparencies are not acceptable .

Producing panels from printed pictures, i.e. books and magazines do not reproduce at all well due to the dot screen used in the printing process, however should the print quality / clarity not be too important or that the panel is to be over-painted, then prints and 35mm transparencies could be used.

The quickest and  way in which to produce a printed panel is for us to take a  high-resolution digital image .  ( See Specification below). 

If you cannot supply your own photographs, we specialise in Scenic Photography. Our Scenic Photographer can take the photographs at any location you require, including overseas assignments.

Please be assured that it is our aim to provide our clients with the best possible service and to summarise the points mentioned above:-

  • Please allow at least 7 working days minimum for panel production. Express delivery by arrangement
  • Provide 5 " X 4 positive colour or negative transparencies where possible
  • Client can supply his/ her own high resolution scanned files The file should be supplied at 10% of the finished at a Resolution of 300dpi supplied on CD -ROM . A FULL - COLOUR PRINT MUST ACCOMPANY THE CD
  • Written confirmation of your exact requirements, i.e. Finished dimensions of the panel, whether hemming and eyeleting is required. To include a Company Order / Number. And delivery address
  • Our maximum back lit print size is 5.0metres X 30.0metres, front and backlit at virtually any size
  • Responsibility of copyright of originals lies with the customer if supplied by them , if the original is not copyright exempt, we will require documentation to confirm to reproduce has been approved. Photographs that are taken by ourselves are subject to copyright.
  • This information is to be read in conjunction with our current terms and conditions of sale. Please ask for a copy.

Day/ Night Printed Scenery

Day to Night backdrops are made from images that must taken by our Scenic Photographer under the client's supervision.  Images can be, re-touched, re-worked and colour corrected to the clients satisfaction and then printed. One backdrop for a day image (using only front light) to the magic hour (some front light and some back light) to a full night image (only back light) and any point in between.

If you have a requirement for a Day / Night backdrop please contact us for advice.

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"I have worked with Jumbo Color for over 10 years and can recommend their business and working ethic to anyone within the television & broadcast industry. Tight and also unrealistic deadlines have always been met with a can do attitude and an even faster and better results than ever expected. Thank you Jumbocolor."

Julie Ash Production Designer.

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